I explore the individual level decision-making processes that drive policy outcomes, particularly in the subsidized adoption of residential solar photovoltaics. I enjoy applying cutting-edge methods such as agent-based modeling and natural language processing to policy problems that require broad systems-aware approaches. I hope to understand how the exchange of information within social networks can be explicitly leveraged in intervention designs to achieve more effective programs and more efficient policy in technology adoption as well as in other policy arenas with similarly complex decision-making landscapes such as healthcare and education.



Ph.D. in Public Policy                                                                                            2014 — 2019 (expected)

Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin

Dissertation topic: Individual decision-making as the root of policy outcomes: An application in residential solar PV subsidy policy

Research Projects: Analysis of the appropriability of peer-to-peer exchange in the energy sector, Analysis of relationship of state net metering policy features with residential solar PV uptake, Third-party ownership as an emergent technology among solar PV installers


Masters of Public Affairs                                                                                                          2012 — 2014

Concentration: Policy Analysis                                                                                                                      

School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University


Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs with High Distinction and Honors                2010 — 2013

Major: Policy Analysis 

School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University



Precourt Fellowship                                                                                                         2015, 2016, 2017

Grant for Behavior, Energy, and Climate Chance conference attendance


US Association for Energy Economics (USAEE) PhD Day                                                        2017

Invited Participant


USAEE/IAEE Student Scholarship                                                                                               2016

Grant for conference attendance


NSF IGERT: Sustainable Grids                                                                                         2015 — 2016





Reeves, D.C., Rai, V. Strike While the Rebate is Hot: Savvy Consumers and Strategic Technology Adoption Timing. Energy Policy, 121, 325-335, 2018.


Reeves, D.C., Rai, V., Margolis, R. Evolution of Consumer Information Preferences with Market Maturity in Solar PV Adoption. Environmental Research Letters, 12, 1-14, 2017.


Rai, V., Reeves, D.C., Margolis, R. Overcoming barriers and uncertainties in the adoption of residential solar PV. Renewable Energy, 89, 498-505, 2016.


Yarbrough, I., Sun, Q., Reeves, D., Hackman, K., Bennett, R., & Henshel, D. Visualizing Building Energy Demand for Building Peak Energy Analysis. Energy and Buildings, 91, 10-15, 2015.


WORK IN PROGRESS (drafts available upon request)


Reeves, D.C., Rai, V. Cataracts in the Theoretical Lens: Better Explanations and Stable Policy Recommendations.


Reeves, D.C., Rai, V. The Forest and the Trees: The Choice of Theoretical Lens in Agent-Based Model Rule Formulation. 


Reeves, D.C., Rai, V. Subsidy Policy and Rate of Technology Adoption: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from the California Solar Initiative. 


Reeves, D.C., Rai, V. Path-Based Neighborhood Identification: An Application in Agent-Based Modeling of Residential Solar PV Adoption. 


Reeves, D.C. Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis of Residential Solar PV Installer Firm Customer Acquisition Experiences. 


Reeves, D.C. Throttling the Sun: An Analysis of Policy Subcomponents in State-level Net Metering Legislation and Residential Distributed Generation Adoption Levels. 




Reeves, D.C., Rai, V. The Forest and the Trees: The Choice of Theoretical Lens in Agent-Based Model Rule Formulation. APPAM 2018 International Conference: Public Policy for Sustainable Metropolitan Development. Mexico City, Mexico. 2018.


Reeves, D.C., Rai, V. The Effect of Subsidy Policy to Accelerate Residential Solar PV Adoption: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from the California Solar Initiative. Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management 39thAnnual Fall Research Conference (APPAM). Chicago, Il, USA. 2017.


Reeves, D.C., Rai, V. The Forest and the Trees: The Choice of Theoretical Lens in Agent-Based Model Rule Formulation. The Computational Social Science Society of the Americas 2017 Conference (CSSSA). Santa Fe, NM, USA.2017.


Reeves, D.C., Rai, V. Making Decisions While the Sun Shines: Savvy Consumers and Strategic Technology Adoption Timing. Behavior Energy and Climate Change Conference (BECC). Sacramento, CA, USA. 2017.


Reeves, D.C., Rai, V. Path-Based Neighborhood Identification: An Application in Agent-Based Modeling of Residential Solar PV Adoption. The conference on Complexity-Based Analytics and Policies for Social Good (CAPS). Washington, D.C., USA. 2017.


Reeves, D.C., Rai, V., Margolis, R. Information Preferences for Solar PV Adoption: Comparing Two Markets. Behavior Energy and Climate Change Conference (BECC). Baltimore, MD, USA. 2016.


Reeves, D.C., Rai, V. Behavioral Drivers of Solar PV Consumer “Pull-forward” at Changes in Rebate Levels. 34thUSAEE/IAEE North American Conference. Tulsa, OK, USA. 2016.


Rai, V., Reeves, D.C. Contagion and Seeding in Behaviors with Thresholds: An Application to Residential Solar Adoption. Behavior Energy and Climate Change Conference (BECC). Sacramento, CA, USA. 2015.




Workshop Instructor                                          Austin, Texas                                                         2017 —

•      Lead Math Readiness Workshop series for more than 50 incoming Masters students

•      Develop and deliver four sessions on probability theory, statistics, algebra and calculus


Technical Lead for Policy Research Project     Austin, Texas                                               2017 — 2018

•      Provide research guidance to three teams of graduate students

•      Facilitate client interactions and weekly team meetings, manage team data requirements


Workshop Leader                                                Austin, Texas                                                             2016

•      Lead PhD Statistical Reasoning Tutorial Workshop for three incoming students

•      Conduct weekly discussion sections, provide guidance with statistical concepts 


Teaching Assistant                                             Austin, Texas                                               2016 — 2017

•      Social, Information, and Innovation networks: 13 graduate students

•      Introduction to Empirical Methods: 37 graduate students

•      Advanced Empirical Methods: 24 graduate students

•      Deliver guest lectures, create and conduct review sessions, hold office hours

•      Proof assignments, lectures, class notes, and exams; grade assignments


Research Assistant – EST research group        Austin, Texas                                                         2014 — 

•      Analyze data, prepare reports and manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed journals

•      Conduct electronic survey of 6000 residential solar PV adopters

•      Research interests: solar PV diffusion and grid integration, agent-based modeling


Graduate Research Assistant – TRC          Bloomington, Indiana            Spring 2013 — Summer 2014  

•      Design and build computer to fetch daily vehicle accident reports and extract VINs 

•      Design and code computer user-interface to facilitate analysis of vehicle accident reports

•      Design and prototype bicycle instrumentation for naturalistic bicycling study


Graduate Research Assistant – AttariLabBloomington, Indiana                                       Summer 2013 

•      Analyzed results in an ongoing behavioral experiment

•      Conducted cost benefit analysis for in-home, real-time electricity feedback technologies


Teaching Assistant                                      Bloomington, Indiana                         Fall 2012 — Fall 2013 

•      Grade assignments, provide feedback, and conduct review sessions for graduate statistics course

•      Coordinate assignments and syllabus for one online section of undergraduate statistics

•      Grade and manage student records for two sections of undergraduate statistics, one traditional and one online


Chaperone                                                         Washington, DC                                           Summer 2013 

•      Supported 20 European Fulbright summer program participants                


Logistics Facilitation                                Western Province, Kenya                                    Summer 2012 

•      Organized program events, including logistics for a professional development conference and July 4th activities 

•     Supported 13 student interns' cultural interactions and facilitated cross-cultural competency development


Peace Corps Volunteer                                      Faleula, Samoa                                               2007— 2009 

•      Taught vocational-level Computer Studies and Carpentry for one year to more than 30 students

•      Taught vocational-level Carpentry and Joinery for one year to 12 students

•      Coordinated an international donation of 179 computers to 12 schools

•      Created two-year programs for vocational Carpentry and Joinery and Computer Studies in compliance with the national accrediting body for use by all member schools

•      Devised inventory control procedures that eliminated tool and supply loss


Studio Furniture Artist                                   Orlando, Florida                                             2005 — 2007 

•      Self-employed. small-business owner

•      Designed and constructed one-of-a-kind furniture

•      Developed new techniques with alternative materials such as concrete, glass and metal

•      Incorporated electronic elements such as audio and LED lighting


Online Specialist                                           Evansville, Indiana                                          2004 — 2005 

•      Managed Evansville Courier & Pressdaily online content 

•      Streamlined the online content management system 

•      Developed new user-tracking, user-identification, and new-media procedures



Program Committee         Computational Social Science Society of the Americas                           2018

Grant Reviewer                        United Way – Community Investment Grants                             2018 —

Member                                            United Way – Young Leader Society                                      2017 —

Reviewer                                     Journal of Intelligent Information Systems                                2018 —

Reviewer                                              Environmental Research Letters                                        2016 —

Reviewer                                             Energy Research & Social Science                                       2015 — 




Member                      Computational Social Science Society of the Americas (CSSSA)               2017 —

Member                     Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management (APPAM)              2015 —

Member                          United States Association for Energy Economics (USAEE)                   2016 —



Computer Technology

•      Proficient with R, SAS, Stata, Mathematica, Office Suites, Inkscape, and Synfig

•      Familiar with multiple distributions of Linux, OSX, and Windows

•      Code in PHP, BASH, HTML, MySQL, XML, and CSS



•      Conversational Samoan



Travel, gadgets, cooking, and rebuilding, repairing, and maintaining vintage British motorcycles.



Available upon request